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    Post PTC Contributions

    PoonTangClan (hereafter called PTC) is a non-profit organization, we operate our servers purely by contributions and donations.

    By contributing $10/month or $120/yr, you'll get a Reserve Slot. For an additional $10/month or $120/yr, you'll get a Reserve Slot and Basic Admin Rights, which include - Limited Map Management, Limited Player Management, & Limited Vote Management. If there are problems with public players, you will still need to consult PTC admins for advice. The server is still the property of PTC and you have to abide to our rules and code of conduct.

    This applies to all our servers.

    Level 1 - $5/month or $60/yr - Ability to wear PTCC tags (access to PTCC private forum)

    Level 2 - $10/month or $120/yr - Reserve Slot Only, Unlimited Sounds Coming Soon!, and ability to wear PTCC tags (access to PTCC private forum)

    Level 3 - $20/month or $240/yr - Reserve Slot, Unlimited Sounds Coming Soon!, Basic Admin, ability to wear PTCC tags (access to PTCC private forum)

    We run a fair and fun server and will NOT tolerate anyone who abuses admin rights, PTC members or not. You must consult PTC Admins when we are on the server to act on any kicks, your actions do represent us on a whole as a clan. We are also striving to increase our number of servers including our current one, so as to expand our clan.

    Contributors with basic admin rights are not automatically in the clan, nor affiliated with our clan. However, if the contributor meets our recruitment requirements or deem a vote from our members, membership in the clan will be considered. If they are deemed to be responsible admins, contributors may also be given additional admin rights. These extra admin rights may include, Player Management (kick, swap, mute), Fun Management (slap, freeze, drug, gimp, burn, beacon).

    Contributors that do not deemed responsible admins, or fail to adhere to our rules and regulations which can be found on our website, will have their admin rights revoked immediately.

    We keep logs of all players as well as specific admin logs, so what you do on the server is being recorded 24hrs a day. All contributions and reserve slot purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.- If you can contribute more, then the extra funds go into our account for a month we are behind or towards future purchases (servers, website upgrades, etc...).

    • We DO NOT condone Racist remarks... Our clan members are from all over, Canada, Mexico, Honolulu, Maui, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Los Angeles, Pesadena, San Francisco and other beautiful countries and states.
    • Respect others and you will be respected! We have Doctors, Lawyers, Designers, Musicians in our clan.
    • No Offensive images
    • Most of us are older, so be mature and be a man about what you say and do.

    If you have any other questions or are unsure of anything, please contact TurBo - ptc.turbodiesel (at) gmail (dot) com
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